Mr Big – Delancey Stewart

mr-big-delancey-stewart-laylareads Mr Big
– Delancey Stewart

Genre : Contemporary romance, New Adult
Rating : ♥♥♥

My review : Mr Big by Delancey Stewart left me with mixed feelings. I finished it mid-August. That’s one of the few I managed to read this summer, along with Traitor in her arms. But I just couldn’t bring myself to review it. I was seriously confused.

♥ The story 

Mr Big tells the story of Oliver Cody, the CEO of the company Holland works in. He’s going through a hard time lately and while he deals with it, Holland is working long hours to achieve her goals and get her dream job. Little does she know, she’s actually working for the guy she just called an arrogant jerk at the company coffeeshop.

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