Mr Big – Delancey Stewart

mr-big-delancey-stewart-laylareads Mr Big
– Delancey Stewart

Genre : Contemporary romance, New Adult
Rating : ♥♥♥

My review : Mr Big by Delancey Stewart left me with mixed feelings. I finished it mid-August. That’s one of the few I managed to read this summer, along with Traitor in her arms. But I just couldn’t bring myself to review it. I was seriously confused.

♥ The story 

Mr Big tells the story of Oliver Cody, the CEO of the company Holland works in. He’s going through a hard time lately and while he deals with it, Holland is working long hours to achieve her goals and get her dream job. Little does she know, she’s actually working for the guy she just called an arrogant jerk at the company coffeeshop.

♥ What I liked ♥

  • I liked how Oliver was instantly intrigued by Holland. Love at first sight kind of stories are a bit tricky for me because if it’s done in an unrealistic way, I can’t get into it. Here, it was good.
  • I love office-romances and this book was one of those stories, so yes!
  • Overall, the love story between Oliver and Holland was cute.

What I liked less 

  • When I started reading, I seriously thought immediately I wouldn’t like this book. The beginning was a bit confusing. I think it was going for a mysterious start but I didn’t feel intrigued, I was more frustrated and not in a good way. Moreover, the hero was whining during the whole Prologue, so it put me off a bit. But, it got better!
  • Even though it was a really cute story, I really couldn’t connect to the characters.
  • The pace was a bit too slow for me and I felt like there were uninteresting events.
  • Sometimes the hero had such annoying reactions.
To conclude, there was some good and some bad in this book. Unfortunately, at times I was too annoyed with the bad to enjoy the good.

Have you read it ? What are your thoughts ? I’m curious to know if it left you as perplexed as I or if you liked it/hated it. 

More details (Goodreads) :

He’s tortured and dark, angsty and arrogant. You want the truth? He’s kind of an A-hole.
He’s also the CEO.

Everything in my life goes according to plan, and that’s the way I like it. I got the degree. I got the job. Now I just need to prove that I have what it takes to succeed in the real world.

If there’s one thing that’s not in my plans, it’s falling in love with my boss.

Most relationships don’t start with one person calling the other out in public for being an arrogant jerk. Then again, most CEOs don’t cut their own employees in line at the coffeehouse and bark orders at people like they own the place.

Maybe pissing Oliver Cody off isn’t the right move. And now that he’s part of my world, all my plans go straight to hell.

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review

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