The Pleasures of Passion – Sabrina Jeffries (Sinful Suitors series #4)

the pleasures of passion-sabrina jeffries

The Pleasures of Passion
– Sabrina Jeffries

Genre : Historical Romance

I have to admit I’m really ashamed of the time it took me to read this book. I received the ARC this summer via Netgalley (which I’m so thankful for once again) and like I explained in a previous post, a lot was going on in my life after this so it put me off reading for a while. What makes it even worse is that I requested this book because I was really eager to discover it. I love historical romance as you know if you’ve been reading me for a while and I heard so many good things about this author. But anyways, I finally got to read it and I absolutely loved it.

♥ The story 

The Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries tells the story of Brilliana, a recently young widow and single mother. She lives a quiet life until she’s asked to partake in a mission to uncover the truth about her father and his affairs. But what Brilliana hasn’t expected was that Niall, her former lover before he had to flee the country after he fought a duel, was the one she has to work with on this mission.

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My Fair Lover – Nicole Jordan

my fair lover - nicole jordan-laylareads My Fair Lover
– Nicole Jordan

Genre Historical romance
Rating : ♥♥♥

My review : My Fair Lover by Nicole Jordan was a good book. I’m really ashamed of how long it took me to read it. But that’s not the book’s fault, that’s all on me. I didn’t choose the right time to start it as I was really busy. And I regret it because I’m sure that’s the kind of book I could have read in one go.

♥ The story 

My Fair Lover tells the story of Lady Katherine and Brandon Deverill. Six years ago, Brandon broke Kathy’s heart by leaving her to go at war against the English, her own countrymen. Today he’s back and she needs his help to recover lost family treasures. In exchange, she offers him to help him find a bride. She then starts to teach him how to properly woo a Lady but Deverill has more interesting lessons to teach Lady Katherine, those of passion and love.

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Traitor in her arms – Shana Galen


Traitor in her arms
– Shana Galen

Genre : Historical romance
Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥

My review : Traitor in her arms is my first book from this author and the first of The Scarlet Chronicles series. If you read my blog or follow my Instagram, you might know how much I love historical romances. Well, let me tell you that Traitor in her arms has everything I like in those type of read : the passion mixed with adventure and suspens. A perfect historical romance.

♥ The characters 

Gabrielle – I loved reading about this character. The paradox between the good girl from a noble family and the thief is really entertaining. If you like strong characters that are determined and go for what they want, you’ll love Gabrielle. She’s loyal, courageous, beautiful and kind.

Ramsey – Ramsey’s character is really intriguing from the beginning. We know he has a big secret and we can’t help but read to discover it. I found the secret not to be disappointing. Ramsey is touching by his story, his loyalty and by his love for Gabrielle while he tries to keep his distance from her but fails.

What I loved 

  • The chemistry between Ramsey and Gabrielle
  • The suspens and adventure mixed with a passionate romance

In conclusion, it’s a historical romance I strongly recommend to all lovers of this genre.

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