Books I recommend but never reviewed – #1 : Enemies to lovers

Books I recommend but never reviewed : enemies to lovers books - laylareads

Hello dear and amazing readers ! 🙂

I keep chatting about books everywhere lately and absolutely loving it. Be it on Instagram or Goodreads (by the way, if you feel like it, join me there for endless discussions and mutual recommendations of books).

While doing so, I kept thinking of how many books I absolutely loved and kept recommending but never properly reviewed, be it here or on Goodreads.

So I thought to gather them by theme in blog posts. I’m thinking of making them into a series : Books I recommend but never reviewed, that I’ll post every week, on Mondays (Gosh, I hope I will really commit to this and not say it but do nothing).

What I’ll be writing are not full and detailed reviews, but more like mini-reviews (at least, I’ll try to make them short). So I’ll put the GR links to the books so you can check the detailed summary.

Please tell me if the format is okay or if you have any suggestions on how I can make it enjoyable for you. Also tell me if those kind of posts would interest you 🙂

So here’s my Top 5 of the enemies-to-lovers trope :


The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

This is one of my favorite romantic comedy in the world! If anyone asks me for a good book in the enemies-to-lovers or office-romance category, this is the first one that comes to my mind. Joshua and Lucy work in the same office, right across from each other and play all kinds of games which has the same goal : making clear how much they hate the other.

Lucy is this really short, people-pleaser, vintage lover woman. Joshua is this really serious, intimidating, and awfully handsome man. But hating someone so strongly surely means you’re not indifferent to the other person. And those two just can’t ignore each other. People, this book has it all! A perfect male character for which we feel so much. Which is amazing knowing this book is written in Lucy‘s POV only. Seriously that is some amazing writing and plotting, we have to hand it to Sally Thorne. I felt so close to Joshua‘s character in spite of not knowing what he was thinking. He has a really hard exterior (and I’m not talking about the abs here 😉 ) but is actually a softie and it is so enjoyable to read about him. His every action, every reaction, every word, were swoon worthy. He is, in short, the perfect #bookboyfriend . Lucy is as delightful! Hilarious and cute in her obliviousness. The story is sweet, funny and oh, so romantic. I won’t say I recommend it, I’ll say everyone need this book! So if you haven’t gotten this one yet, what are you waiting for ? And please tell me what you thought of it, I love discussing this book 🙂 (I said mini-reviews, right ? I’m incapable of shutting up when it’s about books… sorry guys).


Nobody’s baby but mine – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This book came out as a really big surprise for me. I remember adding it to my shelf but with no real intentions of getting into it anytime soon. I mean the blurb was not that appealing to me. A super intelligent woman who was into physics and wanted a baby by herself…yeah, why not ? Not : YES, I need it right this second. But then the reviews were really good so I thought why not give it a try. And that’s the best book decision I made guys. It was hilarious and emotional. The best combination in a book for me. Their banter and teasing were really funny. Also, I felt it was really touching what it dealt with. Jane is super intelligent and people always make fun of her because of that and she doesn’t feel comfortable with anyone because she feels different. Cal is dealing with another kind of problem : it’s that he’s getting older and having a hard time accepting it. Those two will meet because of a twisted plan concocted by Jane. She desperately wants a baby but she doesn’t want it to experience the same difficulties as her and so needs to chose the father carefully. This leads to them being forced to fake marriage and living together and that’s where you get all the fun scenes. This book is a feel-good read. And you get the heartbreaking and beautiful part while they figure out how much they too judged the other too easily and how judgmental they actually were. This book is perfect and I highly recommend you read it if you haven’t yet.


Anything you can do – R.S. Grey

If you’re familiar with my blog, Instagram or any other platform where I talk about books, you know how much I love R.S. Grey‘s work. She really has a way with words and her humour is beyond great. Add to it the enemies-to-lovers trope which is a favorite of mine, and you got yourself a 5 star read! Daisy and Lucas have known each other since childhood. They’ve always been in competition and can’t stand each other. They’re just too alike for that. After having spent years away to med-school, they both come back to their hometown at the same time, for the same job and same goal. They found themselves working as colleagues at the town practice but only one of them is going to take over. That’s how their resume their long-time competition. Lucas was so perfect. Daisy hadn’t expected to find him irresistible. After so many years he turned into this really handsome, really confident man. It was fun to see how she couldn’t let go of their war but at the same time had a hard time resisting the attraction. R.S. Grey always gets me with the female inner dialogue, and Daisy‘s is no different. She was really funny. Lucas fought as well but was really composed about it and we could feel that he deeply cared about her. I loved how naturally their relationship developed. And Lucas, with his perfect reaction, perfect words, perfect heart… I loved him so much. If you love enemies-to-lovers books, really funny scenes, unbearable sexual tension, go get this book now! And if you already did, come and fangirl with me in the comments about the swoon-worthy Lucas. <3


A will and a way – Nora Roberts

It’s been really long since I’ve read this book but I remember so clearly what I liked about it. First of all, Nora Roberts is one of my favorite author. I love her writing but most of all I love what she writes about. Her characters are often small business owners, strong, live in a small town and this appeals to me so much. In A Will & a Way, Pandora‘s uncle last wish is that her and Michael Donohue, her long-time enemy, inherits his fortune. This forces them to live together and the tension is really exciting. This book is a romance but has a lot of suspense as well. Their lives are threatened and they try to discover who’s after them. This is really well done. Anyone who’ve read Nora Roberts before knows that she can write suspense in a wonderful way. So if you like romance and crime books as well as the enemies-to-lovers trope, you should give this a try.


The man she loves to hate – Kelly Hunter

This is one of the first book that made me fall in love with romance. It was so refreshing, so intense and sweet. While Jolie Tanner was still young, the news got out that her mother was having an affair with Cole‘s married father. She had to live with being treated as a daughter’s whore for years. Now, she’s well established and has come back for James’ funeral (Cole‘s father). Fate has her and Cole stuck together in a ski lodge and it forces them to face each other. While there is animosity and resentment between them, there’s also attraction. And this leads to a relationship they don’t know how to handle. Let me tell you this book was SO good. Super sensual, really sweet in how they couldn’t fight their attraction and how despite of everything they cared deeply for each other. Jolie‘s character is really touching in what she has to deal with and how she does it. Once again, if you love this enemies to lovers trope, you should check this out 🙂 Tell me what you think if you do.

So this concludes this first post of the Books I recommend but never reviewed series.

Have you read any of this book ? What did you think about it ? 🙂

Spread the love 🙂

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  1. The Hating Game was probably my biggest five rating book of 2017. Loved Josh and their snarky dialog. It was a great enemies to friends romance!

    1. Yes! The Hating Game will remain my favorite as well. The story and the characters, everything was amazing. Have you read any other good enemies to lovers books ?

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